• Coal


    Since 2009 coal mining in Kalimantan Indonesia.

  • Sawn


    From the finest quality.

  • Armouring

    Bullet and bomb resistant. Advance technology & defense vehicle armour.

  • Oil


    Gas Services

  • Argiculturing

    Fresh produce straight from the farms and wholesalers

  • Customs

    Freight Shipping & Logistics

Our mission is to become the go to company for cement, smelting plants and independent power producers alike for coal procurement. Apart from the Energy Sector, ADSB is also involved in construction materials namely various types of sand, specialty sawn timber, coal mining, oil trading & supplies and also bullet resistant & security armouring equipment. Recently, ADSB has partnered with various MNC's, mainly from ASEAN countries taking part in various agriculture commodity trading activities.

Projects & Services